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Scholarships for Graduating Seniors 

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Last year over $25,000 in scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors. These scholarships come from endowed funds started by alumni and friends of the Lakewood City Schools. Many of the funds represent memorial gifts which honor specific individuals, including Lakewood High School teachers or graduates. Other funds were established by graduating classes in connection with their class reunions.

Scholarship application is open to students pursuing post high school education, whether it is a four year college/university, a two year community college or associate program, or trade/specialty school (culinary, construction trades, IT, etc). A single application is used to award over 13 different scholarships and winners are matched to the various scholarship requirements after evaluation of their application and a personal interview. Application requirements can be found in the scholarship packet.

Please note that this process is only for the scholarships administered by LREF. Many other scholarship and grant applications can be accessed by consulting with the Lakewood High School Guidance Office. In addition, we encourage students planning an education major who apply for our scholarships to also apply for the Lakewood Leadership Team Scholarship. Information on this scholarship can be obtained from LHS Guidance.


The 2019 LREF Scholarship application packet can be found here.

All scholarship applications and required supporting materials are due to LREF no later than 3:30 p.m., Thursday, March 14, 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Middle School Awards

Each year, LREF presents awards to outstanding 8th grade students based on the recommendations from principals, faculty and staff at Harding and Garfield Middle Schools.  Three boys and three girls are selected from each middle school to receive the awards. The awards ceremonies are held at each school at the end of the school year.  Criteria for selection are defined by each school’s committee but include the following:   1. Academic Success; 2. Grade Improvement; 3. Attendance Record or Improvement;      4. Participation in school co-curricular activities; 5. Participation in athletics, music, art or volunteer services. The honorees MUST be students planning to enroll at Lakewood High School.


Music & Fine Arts

Musical Instruments, Scholarships and PErFORMANcE


Under the auspices of the George P. Read General Music Operations Endowment Fund and special arrangements with instrument suppliers, LREF administers a musical instrument lease-to-own program as well as purchases select instruments for the band and orchestra programs. LREF purchases high quality instruments and then leases them to families at an affordable rate so that students who wish to participate in the District's music programs can do so regardless of means. At the end of their lease, students own an instrument that can go with them to college and beyond!


LREF also administers a yearly music lesson scholarship program, also supported by the George P. Read General Music Operations Endowment Fund. Student in middle and high school apply each year for a scholarship to cover a portion of their weekly music lesson fees. 



George P. Read believed students in our district should have the opportunity to hear one of the world's musical treasures, the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra. To that end, he established a fund to provide the money necessary to transport EVERY student during their 4th grade year on a trip to a performance of the Cleveland Orchestra. LREF is honored to administer this program that allows students in our district to attend a performance that may light the fire for a life-long love of music!